Sweet Paris Creperie

265 Radio Drive

Who Oui Are

Sweet Paris was first opened in Rice Village in 2012. Within 10 years, Sweet Paris has turned into one of the best fast casual hotspots in various parts of Houston, Austin, San Antonio, College Station, Miami, Woodbury and international resort destinations.

Every day - and every bite - is an opportunity to savor all that’s good in the world. Although crêpes are known for being French, we have introduced hints of other cultures into this versatile dish that can be enjoyed any time of the day!

After tasting many versions of “la crêpe” around the world, from street carts to fine restaurants, we had to bring home the international staple. We first introduced the Sweet Paris experience to Houston over a decade ago, and we have been spreading our love for crêpes ever since.

Sweet Paris aims to usher our guests away from their daily hustle and bustle and transport them to a unique and delectable dining experience, no passport needed. Greeted by chic patios, airy interiors, and lively beats, our guests relish in the atmosphere even before menu browsing. The pièce de résistance is certainly the deliciously adorned crêpe.

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